Since 1946, Medinet Srl is engaged in the research, development and distribution of materials, products and devices for medical use. We are among Italy's top companies specialized in medical supplies and equipment wholesale and our main customers are: hospitals , public health facilities, nursing homes, private clinics and pharmacies that rely on Medinet for certified quality products and professional services.
Our headquarter is located in Milan and our offices are in Cerro Maggiore, in Milan's metropolitan area. Our production unit is near Como, at Fino Mornasco, where - on a plot of over 4,500 sq m – there is a warehouse of 1,300 square meters.
Both national and international widespread supply services are possible thanks to a solid network of distributors and agents .

research and development

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certificates and security

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We are specialized in medical supplies and hospital supply products online,and offline,to consumers since 1946. Our mission is to provide quality medical supplies and absolute customer satisfaction. We have a dense network of agents in Italy and worldwide.

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Medinet srl is an online seller specialized in the production of medical supplies for pharmacy, hospital and private clients
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