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Below you will find some of the most popular products in our catalog: these are consumables for hospitals and clinics, much in demand because they are used every day in many delicate operations. See the product sheets or contact us for more information.

Retelast Pharmacy

starting from 3.00 €


starting from 1500.00 €

CLEANOSORB S - sterile surgical pads

starting from 411.75 €

CLEANOSORB N - medical absorbent pads

starting from 345.60 €

CLEANOSORB ECO - super absorbent surgical pads

starting from 400.95 €

Tubular Elastic net bandage Easy Head

starting from 1.20 €

Tubular Elastic Net Easy Arm

starting from 1.10 €

Double sterile razor blade for properative shaving

starting from 18.00 €

RESPILIFT tube and mouthpiece - stimulation of deep breathing

starting from 7.00 €

RESPIPROGRAM - incentive spirometer

starting from 9.00 €

RESPIVOL® - Volumetric incentive spirometer

starting from 25.00 €