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RESPILIFT tube and mouthpiece - stimulation of deep breathing

RESPILIFT is a single patient use device for exercise and stimulation of deep breathing.  

Material: Transparent body COPOLYMER (styrene-butadiene) -Portavalvola + 2 caps -Automatic low density polythene medical grade Silicone 7000T -Indicator Mobile (colored) STYROLUX 656 C - Connector Flexirene MT40 - Polyurethane sponge filter - Polyethylene pipe and mouthpiece 

Dimensions: Lid 35 mm, thickness 24 mm - Flotter 9 mm - 33 mm body length 97 mm - 32 Membrane 

Packaging: 1510008009 packed in bag with minigrip package instructions - 1510008006 minigrip packed in bag with instructions booklet + tube and mouthpiece Master carton of 50 pieces 

CE Marking: Marked ce Class 1 non-sterile without measuring function 

Weight: 14 grams 

Storage: To ensure the integrity of the product store in clean, dry, away from direct heat and sunlight. 

Warning: Use this device as the prescription and the instructions given by your doctor or nurse. 

In the pediatric population, the child should be monitored during exercise. Keep out of reach of children. 

Cleaning: After use, thoroughly wash only with hot tap water (about 40 °) and allow to dry. Dispose of the plastic container. 

Notes: Latex free 

Cnd Y030327

N.Repertorio: 116889 

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Product code :
15 10 008 006

Product description :

€ 7.00
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Product code:
15 10 008 006

Product description :

PACKAGING: 50 pieces
€ 300.00
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RESPILIFT device for stimulation of deep breathing sale on line by Medinet Srl, it's one of the best medical device to exercise and stimulate breath.

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