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Sinus ultrasound device for sinusitis diagnosis and other sinus diseases

The tool allows to determine the presence of sinusitis , polyps or pseudocysts indicating the echo of the rear wall of a cavity in which there are fluid or thickening of the mucosa ; if the cavity contains only air is not detected echo. The device uses ultrasonic waves that propagate at 3MHz well through soft tissue and bone, but not through the air.
Principle of Operation
The instrument is a depth sounder that emits pulses of ultrasonic energy and receives the echoes from acoustic interfaces in the area analyzed . The reflected echoes are converted into an electrical signal and reproduced as a graphic LCD display.
The display dot matrix shows a curve in A-mode indicates that both the distances between the different layers , both the intensity of their echoes . The resolution of the distance is 0.5 cm , the maximum depth of the survey is 8cm .
- Consideration quick , cheap, easy and painless
- Safe for the patient and for the operator
- Applicable without risks to children from three years of age and pregnant women
- The exam can be easily repeated without additional risk to the patient
- Scientifically Proven Reliability
- Ability to print the results with printers that support PictBridge
Sinus ultrasound device for sinusitis diagnosis and other sinus diseases



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SINUSCAN is a sinus ultrasound device for sinusitis diagnosis, useful to identify the presence of sinus diseases, polyps or pseudocysts. On sale in our online shop!

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