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RESPI-IN-OUT® Breathing exercise tool

Respi-in-out® is a breathing exercise tool for respiratory rehabilitation, asthma, panic attacks and more.

Respi-in-out® a breathing exercise tool, is a single patient medical device that allows to exercise breathing by performing a natural inspiratory & expiratory movement without interruption.

Respi-in-out® is a positive pressure and volume exerciser for respiratory gymnastics. It's designed to encourage deep inhalation and exhalation. Deep breathing helps improve ventilation in the pulmunary alveoli and can facilitate the removal of mucus from the respiratory tract.


By repeating the exercises according to the doctor's or therapist's instructions, the patient may notice an improvement of the two parameters.

With the use of Respi-in-out® you train your breathing without much effort, you only need to repeat the process once or more times a day.

Respi-in-out® is suitable for everyone and can be used for different needs:

  • breathing rehabilitation
  • breathing exercises to strengthen lungs
  • breathing exercises for panic attacks
  • breathing exercises for asthma

and more...


B) Tube with mouthpiece
C) 3 colored connectors with grid filters, characterized by holes of different sizes (red, yellow and green)


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